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The Royal Marsden Hospital

Access & Site Reconfiguration

Case Study


To provide a new internal site access road and reconfigure the car park to deliver a parcel of land for a Maggie's Centre development on the site frontage.

The Royal Marsden Hospital

Our Role

TPI managed the project from the initial design phase to the grant of planning permission, acting as agent for the purposes of the application. We prepared a number of design options at the feasibility phase, some including a relocated priority or signal controlled junction onto Cotswold Road, before proceeding with a revised internal site layout making use of the existing priority junction onto Cotswold Road.

The project also involved a review of car parking on site; in that respect TPI's challenge was to facilitate the Maggie's Centre development with no net loss of parking. Many options were investigated to identify the optimum layout.

Royal Marsden Development Plan


The approved scheme will facilitate much improved access by staff (whether by car or on foot/cycle), service vehicles and public transport services. It will also substantially enhance the sole access to the Institute of Cancer Research, located east of the RMH. The new access road will run close to the site's northern boundary, thereby eliminating two sharp/narrow bends road and providing a much improved environment for all users.

The reconfigured and new parking areas will replace the unsightly car park on the Cotswold Road frontage, which will be used to accommodate a new Maggie’s Centre. Maggie's Centres provide free practical, emotional and social support to cancer sufferers and their families.

One of the more challenging aspects of the project was a local perception that the development would increase on-street parking and prejudice highway safety. The approved scheme overcame these concerns through active community engagement, resulting a solution that minimises impacts for the residents of Cotswold Road whilst maximising the benefits achieved for the RMH and Maggie's.

The result is a site layout which provides a safer, more usable environment, by eliminating deficiencies in the existing access road and parking provision.

The Royal Marsden Hospital


Cotswold Road, Sutton, within the London Borough of Sutton


The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

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