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Maydew House

Case Study

Maydew House

The Project

The development of the estate seeks to enhance the landscaping for the area and reduce the need for roadways within the site. The strategy to focus car parking closer to the main roads and release land within the site as shared surfaces was developed. An improved connection to Southwark Park and the railway/tube/bus network at Surrey Quays will seek to improve public transport accessibility of the site. TPI developed the future road network with the Farrer Huxley Associates considering requirements for disabled parking, building servicing, refuse collections and emergency vehicle access.

Maydew House


Maydew House, Abbeyfield Estate, London Borough of Southwark


London Borough of Southwark

The Scheme

The existing Maydew House is part of the Abbeyfield Estate and this is the subject of improvement by London Borough of Southwark. The main tower is proposed to be extended upwards by five floors and in the long-terms it is proposed to relocate and redevelop Thaxted Court, Darmory House and Sterling House and relocate the local community centre (Bede Centre) within a new part of the site.

Our Role

Transport Statement, CPZ Capacity Review report, Delivery and Servicing Plan, swept path analysis.

Maydew House Data Sheet

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